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2023-24: Optical and Laser Science Faculty Postings (moderated by the Utrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group)

A place for any faculty job posting for scientists experienced in the (broadly defined) areas of Ultrafast Optical and Laser Sciences.

The page is managed by volunteers from the Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group of OPTICA (formerly the Optical Society, OSA) Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group. It is not run by or endorsed directly by Optica.

This Rumor Mill is inspired by the CMO/AMO Physics Faculty Rumor Mill, but is focused on posting seeking applicants with interdisciplinary backgrounds common to the laser optical sciences. This is a community bulletin board, we make no claim as to the accuracy of the rumors or jobs posted.

All permanent faculty job postings at Universities, National Labs or Institutes are welcome (i.e. tenure track, principal investigator roles). Please include a link to the job posting. Non-permanent and Postdoc jobs should be posted at the Postdoc Hiring Rumor Mill. Send questions/problems to Optica's OU TG-Chair

How to Edit/Add job rumors: simply click the user-friendly “Edit” button at the bottom of the table. No registration is needed (warning anyone can modify them).

Research Field Institution / Location PI (s) Deadline placement rumors
Place you faculty hire here Include link e.g. Assistant Professor or higher (TT)
Exp cond matter physics Rutgers University Assistant Professor November
Novel Materials Universite de Montreal, Institute Courtois Open rank until filled
Experimental Quantum Information and Quantum Materials University of Massachusetts Amherst Assistant Professor October 16, 2023
Quantum Science Experiment JILA Assistant Professor Nov. 19, 2023
High Intensity Laser Physics University of Maryland Assistant Professor Jan 14 2024

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