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2024-25: Optical and Laser Science Postdoc Postings (moderated by the Utrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group)

All University, National Labs, and research institute postings are welcome. Please include a link to the job posting. Permanent faculty job rumors should be posted at Faculty Rumor Mill.

Post your postdoctoral openings here. Please consider updating the positions! Those without fixed closing dates may be removed after 6 months. The page is managed by volunteers from the Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group of OPTICA (formerly the Optical Society, OSA) Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Technical Group. It is not directly run by or endorsed by Optica.

How to Edit/Add job rumors: simply click the user-friendly “Edit” button at the bottom of the table. No registration is needed (warning anyone can modify them). The Optica Ultrafast Group will periodically delete old (>6 mo) postings. Specifying a deadline helps us remove old profiles.

Research Field Institution / Location PI (s) Deadline Notes
Postdoc positions in attosecond quantum optics National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa Giulio Vampa Open until filled Position opens: May 2024. Topic: mixing quantum-optical states with intense fields for the generation of non-classical light at very short wavelengths. See:
Post-doctoral Associate in laser emission from biological structures Florida Polytechnic University Nathan Dawson Open until filled
Postdoctoral position in EUV integrated ohotonic circuits Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, Milan, Italy Rebeca Martinez Vazquez Open until filled The researcher will work in the framework of the funded FET project XPIC “eXtreme ultraviolet to soft-X-ray Photonic Integrated Circuits” ( more information and application please contact me by e-mail:
Integrated quantum photonics and quantum sensing UCSB Galan Moody Open until filled Interviews begin in September and October. Heterogeneous photonic device fabrication, testing, and quantum measurements. Email: Information at
Ultrafast thermal Conductivity measurement Oregon State University Nirmala Kandadai Open until filled Email More information :
Ultrafast mid-infrared optics University of North Texas Yuzhe Xiao Open until filled Email: More information at
Quantum nanophotonics and X-ray photonics NTU, Singapore Liang Jie Wong Open until filled Email Information at
Quantum Many-Body Physics University of Leeds, UK Zlatko Papic Open until filled
Condensed matter experiments: scanning probe microscopy and 2D materials Rice University Yonglong Xie Open until filled Starting date as early as July 2023. email for more details.
Ultrafast optics and Nanophotonics NIST Amit Agrawal Open until filled Ultrafast optics; nanophotonics; integrated photonics; metasurfaces; nanofabrication;
Condensed Matter Experiment: ultrafast control of quantum materials Cornell University Ankit Disa Open until filled Opening for postdoc with experience in ultrafast/nonlinear optics and/or THz/magneto-optical spectroscopy, . E-mail and see for more information. Applicants from Germany highly encouraged (can be sponsored for Feodor Lynen Fellowship).
Postdoctoral Position in Ultrafast Optics Ohio State University Robert Baker, Louis F. DiMauro open until filled email
Postdoctoral Position in Nonlinear Optics University of Bath, UK Ventsislav Valev Open until filled start date asap; apply at:
Postdosctoral Position in Ultrafast Spectroscopy Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Munich Leonardo de S. Menezes Open until filled Efficient generation and manipulation of surface acoustic waves with plasmonic nanostructures;
Postdoc Position in Ultrafast Optics in Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibre Russell Centre for Advanced Lightwave Science Xin Jiang Open until filled For more information please see JOIN US page in official website:
Postdoctoral Position in Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Canada Luca Razzari Open until filled For more information, see
Condensed matter experiment, time-resolved scattering, attosecond spectroscopy Stanford Alfred Zong Open until filled See for more information.

This Rumor Mill is inspired by the CMO/AMO Physics Rumor Mill, but is focused on posting seeking applicants with interdisciplinary backgrounds common to the laser optical sciences. It is a place to search and post institutional-based jobs for applicants who are talented with (esp. ultrafast) optics and laser sciences. Please help to keep this list updated with all 2022-23 postdoctoral positions that are relevant to:

  Ultrafast phenomena (broadly defined)
  Ultrafast laser science
  Optical Spectroscopy
  Applied Physics in optics 
  Optical CM and AMO experiment and theory,
  Optical Materials science,
  Optical Biophysics and laser microscopy
  Chemical Physics
   And other fields.

Send questions/problems to the Optica OU-Technical Group Chair, (M.W. Graham This page is a community bulletin board, we make no claim as to the accuracy of the rumors or jobs posted.

Moderated by volunteer technical group members:

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